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Year 11 - National Citizen Service

Dear Parent/Guardian

National Citizen Service want to make you aware of a fantastic opportunity for your son/daughter in Summer 2020. Please head to to read more. We’re running a current discount promotion and have included details at the bottom of this letter.

In brief the programme includes four sections;

Be Epic – away from home for 5 days and 4 nights staying at an approved outdoor education centre, a chance to try some new adrenaline fuelled activities such as rock climbing, canoeing etc. built in refection, teambuilding and free time.

Live Life – a 5-day, 4-night university style experience, independent living and responsibility, budgeting, community exploration in term of services and charities and more...

Do Good – lead your own project! Young people will spend 30 hours planning and 30 hours delivering their very own social project focussed on the issues they care about. Youth led.

Go Party – time to celebrate, bring a plus one and be congratulated and presented with your nationally recognised certificate.

We really encourage you to check out the website (above) to look at some of the experiences had by our half a million previous NCS’ers!

We will be engaging with your son/daughter in school across the coming months to inform them about the opportunity and may well have seen them already in assembly. You can sign them up using the website, go to and click ‘find my ncs’, simply type in the name of your school and you’ll be shown a number of different available dates, follow the sign up link and you’ll be directed from there.

The programme is government funded and is worth £1500 per young person. The most you will ever pay if you sign up your son/daughter is £50, and if you secure their space before Dec 31st, you’ll qualify for a discounted price of £30.

Bursaries are also available at £25 per place regardless of when you sign up, if you think your son/daughter would be eligible for a bursary or you would like to chat through this unmissable opportunity, call our team on 0800 197 8010.

Thank you

Kimberley Cummings

NCS Recruitment Manager

APM – North East

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