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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to St. Bede’s Catholic School and Sixth Form College. I am absolutely delighted to have recently been appointed as Headteacher and have joined the school at the start of June 2023.

St. Bede’s is a loving, inclusive school community and as such we welcome students of all faith backgrounds and none. As a Catholic school we recognise that whilst we are an academic institution in fact our prime responsibility is to forming the whole person.


Every child is special.

Every child is unique.

Every child deserves the love, care and support of our staff.

It is both a joy and a responsibility that we take very seriously to work alongside our families in helping our students develop into the person they are capable of being, and to support them in developing their relationship with God. As a school we are deeply committed to offering students opportunities for prayer, reflection and faith in action. There is an excellent range of opportunities for our students to develop as spiritual beings here at St. Bede’s and our students are supported by a full-time dedicated Chaplain; our school also benefits from strong relationships with the Priests who serve within our local area and are regular visitors to school. As a parent myself I understand how important it is for you to know that your child is safe, happy and able to learn and grow within our school community.

We recognise the paramount importance of safeguarding our students. It is vital students have strong relationships with staff so that if they need support they feel there is an adult they can turn to in times of difficulty or anxiety. We prioritise forming and strengthening relationships of trust between our staff and students, students know we care about them.

My expectation for behaviour standards are high.

Key to that expectation is the principle that everyone within our school treats each other with respect and follows our Behaviour Policy. Students and staff need a calm and organised school with effective behaviour systems and routines so that learning can take place without disruption. It’s important that together (school and home) we actively support students in being able to meet those high expectations. It is also vital that we recognise and celebrate where the attitude and behaviours of our students are excellent.

Each student deserves an excellence of provision here at St. Bede’s and we are ambitious for each and every one of our students. We are committed to ensuring all students achieve their academic potential and, crucially, become the person they are capable of being.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information or to arrange a visit.

Mrs C Hammill, Headteacher

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