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Here at St. Bede’s, we realise that coming to school should be an enriching experience that develops the whole child every day.  For that reason we strive to offer a variety of opportunities both inside and out of the classroom and encourage all students to get involved.

Visits around the UK and abroad, visitors and speakers in school, lunchtime and after school activities, partnership working in the community and dedicated charity work all highlight the value we place on our students’ extra-curricular development.  Each child has an opportunity to shine.

After School Clubs

There are lots of opportunities for learning outside of the classroom at St. Bede’s.  Our extensive timetable of activities enables our students to learn new skills, develop their interests and meet new people.

There is a great variety of lunchtime and after school clubs including sports activities and team fixtures, creative crafts, music ensemble groups, drama and expressive arts, computer coding and e-learning, Science, Geography, Languages and History clubs, careers advice forums and business and enterprise opportunities.  There’s definitely something for everyone and we encourage all students to get involved.

School Visits

As part of the enriching education we provide at St. Bede’s, we offer lots of opportunities for students to participate in school visits and trips.  These can really enhance the learning of a particular subject, develop students’ skills and provide unique and memorable experiences.

St. Bede’s school visits range from international trips to countries including France, Poland, Iceland and America to places closer to home namely London, Oxford, York, Holy Island, Newcastle and Lanchester village.

The school follows clear procedures regarding the administration of these trips and visits.  Prior to a trip taking place, parents and carers will be informed by letter and consent forms will be provided.  These should be returned as soon as possible accompanied by any payment requested.  The school will always endeavour to support students who cannot meet the costs of trips and visits.

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