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Sibling Transport Subsidy Form - 23/24

Click here to download the form.  For any information, please use the contact form on our website.


We will endeavour to inform parents and students of any changes that may affect the bussing arrangements. This could be a change to a route due to road works or changes due to weather conditions.


We will use a range of media and will post alerts on the website home page along with messages via Twitter and Facebook.




For 2023/2024, Go North East has again provided a bespoke reduced price scholars’ ticket, along with a flexible payment plan. Replacing the current monthly payment scheme, the flexible payment plan allows parents to simply pay for the travel needed. The tickets will also be available to buy on the Go North East app which, as well as providing a safe and secure platform for tickets, also offers journey planning and the ability to track all services, including school buses, in real time.

School Bus Timetable - September 2023

819 Timetable

820 Timetable

821 Timetable

823 Timetable

824 Timetable

825 Timetable

826 Timetable

827 Timetable

828 Timetable

829 Timetable

831 Timetable

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up?

You no longer need to sign up for a yearly payment – tickets can now be bought how and when you need to. All you need to do is download the Go North East app.


Can my Son / Daughter use the Go North East app?

Yes – our range of St Bede’s School bus tickets are available to buy on the Go North East app.

When is the St Bede’s School Bus Ticket valid?

This range of tickets is available to use on all Go North East services up to 1800 during term times.

What if my Son / Daughter wants to travel on an evening, weekend or school holiday?

Our range of Young Person’s daily, weekly and monthly tickets offer unlimited travel on all Go North East services. 

Is data needed for the app to work?

No – the phone does not need to be connected to the internet to activate and use tickets. However the app on your device must be refreshed periodically by connecting to the internet.

What if the mobile phone is lost or stolen?

If the phone is lost or stolen, please contact the Customer Services team on 0191 420 50 50. The team will be able to lock the tickets on the old phone and re-add to your new device.

Is the monthly payment scheme still available?

The new range of day, weekly and monthly St Bede’s School Bus tickets replaces the previous monthly payment scheme.

Can a key card be issued for parents not wanting to purchase via an app?

As well as providing a safe and secure platform for your ticket, the Go North East app offers journey planning and real peace of mind for parents with the ability to track school buses. However, if you do wish to buy tickets via the key, weekly and monthly St Bede's school bus tickets will be available from our Customer Services team on 0191 420 50 50.

My child has left their PE kit/School Bag on the school bus.

You need to call Go North East on 0845 60 60 260. 

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