How many subjects do I study?

Most students study three subjects in Year 12.  These can be either A levels, vocational courses such as BTEC or a combination of these.  All qualifications are Level 3.  In addition, there is the opportunity to study AS Extended Project Qualification or Core Maths in Year 12.  


Is it possible to gain AS qualifications in any / all subjects, or just A Levels?

Enrolment on courses are for two years. Students will only be entered for AS Level examinations after the first year if they plan/ decide to leave Sixth Form after one year for an apprenticeship or employment.


Is there a dress code?

There is no uniform but we do have a dress code. We ask that students to dress for a professional environment.  Students do not wear jogging bottoms, shorts, football shirts or facial piercings.  All students are issued with an identification lanyard and this must be worn at all times on the college site.  If a student forgets their lanyard they must see their Head of Year before 9.00am.


Can I bring my car to college?

There is limited car parking available on the college site, therefore permits are only issued to Year 13 students.  Any Year 13 student wishing to bring a car or motorbike on site must obtain a parking permit from their Head of Year first.


I am coming to St. Bede’s from another school, will I feel left out?

Not at all.  Students come to the college from schools all over County Durham and classes are mixed so everyone is in it together!


I am not sure what I want to do after A-Levels.  What support is available?

You are not alone as many other students are in the same position.  You will be able to get advice and support from your Tutor and Head of year but there is also a Progression Manager dedicated to supporting students with next steps after St. Bede’s and we have staff to support you with university, job and apprenticeship applications.  All students in Year 12 complete a self-arranged work placement and there are guest speakers from universities throughout the two years that you will be studying with us.


How many lessons will I get in a week?

Students studying three A levels will have 15 lessons (5 per subject) per week plus a lesson of General RE.    There are 25 lessons in a college week so you will have 9 sessions of private study.  In addition, the AS Extended Project and Core Maths qualifications have 2 hours of lessons per week.


What facilities are there to study and socialise in my spare time?

There are two main areas that are solely for use by sixth form students.  There is a newly built large study room with a dedicated Sixth Form Library and extensive ICT access.  This is a quiet room for individual study.  The Hub is a newly built study and common room with a café that is open from 8am to 3pm every week day during term time.  This room offers students a more informal environment to work as well as socialise at breaks and lunchtimes. 


Do I need to attend college every day?

Yes.  We expect students to be on-site from 8.45am to 3.10pm every day.  Students are allowed to leave the site at break and lunch times but must sign in and out and can apply for an early finish with their Head of Year.  This is a formal agreement based on good attendance and work rate.


What opportunities are there for me aside from study?

The college has a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities.  These include team sports, sign language, first aid courses, creative writing, a gym, debate club, film club, languages opportunities, supporting lower school lessons and trips both locally, nationally and internationally including a World Challenge expedition.


How do I apply for holidays/leave of absence in Sixth Form?

We expect all students to have a minimum of 95% attendance and to be on time to every lesson. We do not recommend students are absent for holidays during the school term unless in exceptional circumstances. If your son/daughter is to be absent from college all requests must be made in writing to their Head of Year.


What financial support is available to me?

St. Bede’s Sixth Form a bursary scheme targeted towards those young people who face the greatest financial barriers to participation; such as the costs of transport, meals, books and equipment. We will make every effort to support your son/daughter where possible during their time in our Sixth Form.


16 – 19 Bursary (Government funded)


Please contact Mrs Snowdon, Sixth Form Administration Manager for further details.


Who can apply for a place at St. Bede’s Sixth Form?

We invite applications from any current Year 11 pupils studying towards their GCSEs. Students who have already completed their GCSEs are also welcome to apply.


Can I use my mobile phone?

Students are permitted to use their mobile phones/earphones within the Sixth Form area only. Mobile phones/earphones should not be used anywhere else around school.

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