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The Sixth Form Centre provides a welcoming and positive environment in which students can fulfil their potential, develop as young adults and prepare for higher education and the world of work. Our tradition of excellence is reflected in our consistently outstanding examination results.

Innovative and exciting teaching engages, stimulates and energises our students; teachers at St Bede’s are role models for and leaders of lifelong learning. They have consistently high expectations of their students and of each other, ensuring that St Bede’s is a thriving, inclusive learning community, where all feel valued and are able to realise their potential. Students are very well prepared for the opportunities and challenges ahead.


Each Sixth Form student at St Bede’s will have:

  • An individual learning programme bespoke to their needs

  • Built-in development of study skills required for A level and beyond

  • A personal tutor

  • Access to Information, Advice and Guidance for the next stage of their career progression

  • The opportunity to take part in a well-established work experience programme

  • Links with local employers and higher education providers

  • Leadership opportunities including Senior Council and Ambassador Programme

  • An entitlement to continuing personal development


Responsibility and Freedom

The Sixth Form years serve as a bridge between school and adult life. We encourage our students to learn to take responsibility, both in college and in the wider community.


We have established very strong links with Willow Burn Hospice and students take part in a volunteer programme at the hospice throughout the year.  The Sixth Form also support the ‘Henry Dancer Days’ charity and Cafod.

Students are given many opportunities to travel to, and provide practical and financial support for, a variety of communities across the world, e.g. World Challenge Costa Rica (2015) and Madagascar (2017)  

In St. Bede’s Sixth Form a appropriate degree of freedom is awarded to students in the expectation that they respond with maturity.  We foster individual autonomy, encourage adult attitudes and recognise the importance of the responsibilities undertaken by Sixth Form students.


Dress code

St Bede’s Sixth Form College is a place of learning and preparation for employment in professional, 21st century workplaces. It is also, in itself, a professional workplace whilst also being a place of transition between further education and higher education.


There is no ‘formal’ uniform requirement at St. Bede’s Sixth Form College, though we do have a less formal dress code which recognises students’ developing maturity and independence and respects their individuality whilst, at the same time, emphasising their responsibility to represent the school and college in an appropriate manner.


We believe that all students should take pride in their appearance. Smart attire conveys a positive attitude, which embraces our school and college ethos and demonstrates a genuine commitment to study. Sixth Form students are role models for younger students. We rely upon your cooperation in setting a good example and encouraging positive attitudes in main school.


As part of our safeguarding policy, all students have been provided with a photographic ID lanyard, which must be worn at all times.



Our dress code is as follows:

· Sixth Form students should wear appropriate dress for a professional working environment: football tops, shorts or jogging/tracksuit bottoms are not permitted.

· Skirts/dresses must be of a moderate length and tops/blouses must not be ‘cropped’ or have a low neck-line.

· Leggings can be worn but must be opaque and dark in colour.

· Jeans can be worn, however, ripped jeans are not acceptable.

· Students are allowed to wear jewellery, which is minimal and discreet. Face piercings, including nose/lip studs etc are not permitted.

· Logos on clothing should be minimal and appropriate for a professional working environment.

· Students’ hair should be well-kept, clean and moderate in style and length; bright dyed colouring, tram lines or shaved shapes in the hair are not permitted.

· The wearing of outdoor coats in lessons is not allowed.

· Students who have tattoos should ensure they are covered by clothing at all times.

· As we know, the British weather can be unpredictable, however, our dress code is not - the dress code remains the same throughout the academic year.


The above list is not exhaustive but is intended as a guide to dressing appropriately in College.


Students who do not meet these requirements may be sent home to change their clothes.


Persistent failure to conform to the College dress code will result in disciplinary action.


Please note that the dress code also applies during examination periods.

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