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Catholic Life and Mission 

Our school has a mission to make Christ known to our pupils and through them to the world. This is accomplished in 3 principal ways: in the content of faith learned in Religious Education lessons; through the life of faith experience in the routines of shared prayer and worship; by the example of those acts of faith which make the Gospel a living reality in our school community. 


As a Catholic community St. Bede’s offers many opportunities to participate in a vibrant and dynamic spiritual life. The Gospel Values of Jesus Christ are not only taught but experienced through the work we do and the quality of relationships with others. We want pupils and staff to feel comfortable to explore their relationship with God, to grow fully and to know their own unique value and worth, whilst realising that the members of our school community come from different backgrounds, beliefs and faiths. Our school is a place, where all are valued equally and belong. We encourage aspiration and individuality amongst young people, and encourage them to take their Catholic attitudes, skills and knowledge into the world, their careers and their home lives. They, then, can become a powerhouse of change for the better, in turn serving those around them and in the wider world, in fulfilment of Gospel values.


We strive to create an environment where pupils can encounter the love that God has for each of them. With Christ at the centre, our school seeks to exemplify faith in action, working for justice and compassion, manifest in acts of charity and kindness. We work for those in need, and instil an ethos of care, kindness, and respect. As an inclusive family, we seek to help and care for the most vulnerable and marginalised. Our community is built upon values, which are inspired by the Gospel and the Church. Our values are visible in the environment, relationships, interactions, and our day-to-day life. 

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