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At St. Bede’s Catholic School & Sixth Form College, we believe that each child is an individual and, as such, has unique strengths, talents, and needs. To achieve their full potential, some students require additional support, and we recognise this and plan accordingly. We acknowledge that some students may require continuous help throughout their time in school, whereas others may need support for only a short period to help overcome more temporary needs. St. Bede’s Catholic School & Sixth Form College aims to provide all students with strategies for dealing with their needs in a supportive environment, and to give them access to a broad, balanced, and relevant education.


The Team

Miss R Emmerson

Acting SENDCo


Mr P Osborne

SEND Support Manager

Mrs A Grimes

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs J Telford

Learning Support Assistant


Miss S Bance

Learning Support Assistant

Miss B Jones

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs A Bartram

Learning Support Assistant


Mr K Gordon

Learning Support Assistant


Miss K McGarry

Learning Support Assistant


If you need to contact Miss Emmerson please email marking is FAO: SENDCo.


Our Principles
  • All students, whatever their special educational needs, should receive appropriate educational provision, through a broad and balanced curriculum, which is relevant and differentiated, and which demonstrates coherence and progression in learning.

  • The views of individual children should be sought and taken into account.

  • All children should have their individual needs met.

  • A close partnership, with parents/carers who play an active and valued role in their children’s education, is vital.

  • All students should have equal opportunities to take part in all aspects of the school’s provision, as far as is appropriate.

The Learning Link

The Learning Link is a dedicated area for students who are reintegrating back into the school following long periods of absence and who require a little bit of support to do so. It is a warm and welcoming environment run by Mr Osborne, where your child will be supported with individualised learning plans based upon their needs. Mr Osborne liaises with classroom teachers to make sure your child has access to a full, balanced curriculum whilst working in the Learning Link, as well as putting in place provisions to enable your child to begin accessing their normal lessons when they are ready.


The Havens

The Havens (KS3 and KS4) are accessible for all SEND students over break and lunchtime and acts as a safe space where they can play games, enjoy some quiet time, complete homework or speak to a member of the SEND department. The Havens are also used as an intervention space where small groups interventions will take place with a member of the department.


SEND Policy




SEND Report


Durham Local Authority Local Offer


Ofsted Report on Durham Local Authority SEND Provision

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