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Everyone a Reader 


Our ‘Everyone a Reader’ programme within Period 4 tutor group time, ensures that all students in main school can share in the enjoyment of reading through a diverse range of modern, award-winning texts, develop their comprehension skills and build their confidence, in a safe and supportive environment. This dedicated reading time is also an opportunity for students to share their recommendations so that they are reading texts that they really enjoy. It also supports those who have less experience of young adult fiction and may be more reluctant to begin their reading for pleasure journey.  


Led by their form tutor, students read carefully chosen, age-appropriate texts, which become more mature in content as they progress through each key stage. The texts allow us to explore some of the PSHE topics that we cover within our Personal Development curriculum, such as relationships, crime, stereotypes, prejudice, loss and conflict; we believe that the classroom is a safe space to explore real-world issues through fiction. Staff have been trained and are experienced in delivering lessons on such topics. Students will also be prepared for these topics and staff will be ready to support, in the unlikely event that we decide a student has been or will be particularly affected. So that all students have the opportunity to read as many books as possible, each tutor group will read a different text, which will then be rotated around classes. If you would like to find out more about the texts we will be exploring, as well as recommendations for what your child might like to read next, please click on the book from the list below. 


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