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Get Caught Reading!

To celebrate World Book Day here at St Bede's, we are encouraging our students to 'get caught reading'. If we 'catch' our students reading around school, we will enter their names into a prize draw and the lucky winner will receive a book token to choose their next good read!

Reading for pleasure is such an important part of our lives and benefits us in so many different ways.

Here are 10 good reasons you should read more books:

1. Reading develops your verbal abilities. 2. It broadens your imagination. 3. You will acquire lots of new vocabulary. 4. It helps you to become a better writer. 5. Reading improves your memory. 6. It improves your concentration. 7. Reading is a great way to reduce stress. 8. You’ll be a more interesting person. 9. You will understand more about the world. 10. It’s fun!

16 Classics To Read Before You Are 16

Why not dip into one of these literary classics and talk to your teachers about characters, themes and settings? There is something for everyone with a wide range of genres and writers to choose from. Click here for a flavour of the 16 Classics.

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