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The transition process at St. Bede's continues throughout Year 7. The autumn term in particular provides lots of opportunities for students to settle in and make new friends.

What happens on the first day?

New Year 7 students should arrive at St. Bede’s in plenty of time in full school uniform with general equipment (pens/pencils/ruler/eraser) in their school bag.

Their Form Tutors and year group team will meet all new Year 7 students in the school yard between the Main Block and the Technology Block, where registers will be taken.  At 9am, all students will be taken to the Lecture Theatre or Main Hall for a Welcome Assembly led by Mr Harrison and their Head of Year.

Following the assembly, students will spend their first morning in their Form Room with their Form Tutors.  During this time they will receive their timetable of lessons and their planner, they will go through standards and expectations at St. Bede’s and they will get to know their new classmates.

For the first week, Year 7 students will have an early lunch to help them get used to the Dining Hall and the cashless catering system. Their Form Tutor, on the first day (and their Period 3 class teacher for the rest of the week) will support them during this time.

After lunch, all Year 7 students will begin their timetable of lessons and will attend Periods 5 and 6 as usual.  This will be their first opportunity to meet their new subject teachers and the rest of their teaching group.

Just before the end of the school day, Year 7 students will be invited to take part in a prayer or time of reflection with their class.  At 3:10pm they will be dismissed from lesson and will return home.

The first days and weeks at secondary school will be tiring with children learning new routines and getting to know lots of new people.  Parents can support their children by agreeing and establishing routines at home for homework, getting prepared for the following day and bedtime in particular.  If you have any concerns however, please let us know by contacting a member of the Transition or Student Support Team.

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