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Meet our new Student Career Champions

Meet our new Student Career Champions

Toby Moore

Logan Bunting

Thomas Taylor

Joe Watson

Lucas Wainwright

Logan Edwards

Nina Peart

Alfie Bonas

Eliza Oliver

These students are part of a pilot project we are running with the support of the North East Local Enterprise Partnership-Careers Hub and National Careers Week.

We meet each week during Wednesday breaktime in the library to learn about the career resources we have in school and to grow confident in using the resources and signposting other students to Careers help and support.

At our initial meeting student learned about a careers programme we have in school called Job Explorer Database. This week they are going research and review the programme before feeding back next week.

We will share our findings and look at the best ways to help other students use the programme.

We hope that what is learned from this pilot can be extended next academic year so that we have students in each year group supporting their peers.

We still have spaces if any other students want to join- contact Anne Jukes, Career Progression Manager or Mrs JiJu in the library


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