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Monday 5th March 2018 - Partial Opening

After assessing the site ( 2pm ) St Bede's will be open to Year Groups 10, 11 and 13. I appreciate the patience shown by parents and carers during the last few days, but as you can imagine, the ever changing weather conditions make it difficult to plan. My site team, key staff and Sustain Groundsworks have worked incredibly hard to move the snow on our large site to get us in this position. However, flooding could be our next problem!

The bus company will be using only the main roads in the Moorside, The Dene, Shotley and Delves areas all other buses will be operating normal routes.

I appreciate localised conditions can vary so the final decision to travel will be left with the parent / carer.

The Year 10 and Year 11 PPEs will go ahead as planned this week.

Can I also ask for your support when dropping off and picking up students. The piles of snow have reduced parking provision.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mr N. Harrison

In discussion with colleagues at Go North East, we can provide the following information on the services affected by the weather. We will provide further updates, on our website, as we receive them from the bus company.

819 – all routes passable. 820 – Omitting Bridgehill, will start from Blackhill St Andrew’s Church. 821 – route fine until Delves Lane. Pupils to make their way to the main road in Delves Lane. 822 – all routes passable. 823 - all routes passable. 824 – Omitting Castleside, pupils need to go to Moorside for first pick up, again only main road in Delves Lane. 825 - all routes passable. 826 - Pupils to make their way to the main road in Delves Lane. Also, omitting Knitsley station. 827 – Omitting Benfieldside Road and Snows Green Road. Pupils need to make way to main road on Blackhill bank or Blackhill St Andrew’s Church. 828 – all routes passable. 829 – Omitting the Dene and will commence from Medomsley Church. 831 – all routes passable.

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