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Good Diabetes Care in School Award

St Bede’s are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the ‘Good Diabetes Care in School Award’. The Award will last for two years with monitoring of our systems taking place next June. The process was quite rigorous and had to be supported with feedback from both parents and health professionals. It also included a copy of our school policy regarding Managing Pupils with Medical Conditions.

St Bede’s work hard to try and ensure that our young people feel safe and secure managing their diabetes in school. We also appreciate that each pupil requires different levels of support, our main aim is to encourage pupils to attain independence.

We have been involved in a pilot with UHND trialling a diabetic clinic in school where pupils manage their appointments and attend the clinic on their own. This has been very well received by students and parents alike and enables the pupils a degree of independence in managing their condition. It also reduces the amount of time a pupil needs to be out of school for an appointment, this is particularly useful when students are revising for exams and assessments.

St Bede’s are one of 60 schools to receive the award and we look forward to working with Diabetes UK to ensure we maintain the highest standards of care for our pupils.

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