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Prayer and Worship

Prayer and Worship at St Bede's

Students are encouraged and challenged over their time at St Bede’s to engage with their faith through acts of individual and collective worship. These take place three times every day: morning prayer in tutor groups during form time and year group liturgical prayer; in the middle of the day during Period 4 in tutor groups; and at the end of each school day. Our collective worship follows the diocesan format of gather, listen, respond and mission.

In addition to these daily acts of worship, there are many opportunities for prayer, Holy Mass, class liturgies and retreats throughout the year. There is always a focus on the great liturgical seasons of the Church’s year, including Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

St Bede's Prayer

Lord, I place myself and my day into your hands.
Help me to remember, in each moment of today, that I belong to a community
that shows compassion, seeks justice and offers hope.

I believe that my choices are my responsibility
and I must be accountable for my thoughts, words and actions.

I belong to a community that offers love, kindness and friendship to all people.
I believe that every person is my neighbour and I will stand in solidarity
with people of all religions and no religion.

I belong to a community that celebrates me and the gifts and talents I have been given. I believe that by using my gifts and talents, I can strive for excellence in all that I do
and inspire others along the way.

I belong to a community that is inclusive and has Christ at the heart of all that we do and say. I believe that it is my mission to make Christ known to others.

I belong to a community of faith, hope and love.

I belong to St. Bede’s.


Prayer and Worship
Prayer and Worship
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