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Here at St Bede’s, we strive to provide enriching experiences for every young person. To support this, we have curated an extensive library to support students in developing their creative, imaginative and academic thinking. Our library has a wide range of genres that cover both fiction and non-fiction topics, helping every student expand their knowledge on a wealth of subjects.  

At St Bede’s we use the Accelerated Reader programme to support pupils to develop their reading ability. Accelerated Reader asks pupils to complete a baseline quiz at the beginning of each term and then gives them a reading range of books that corresponds to their reading ability. Library lessons happen throughout Key Stage 3 fortnightly, during which students can quiz on books at their level to check their understanding; once they have achieved two 100% quizzes, they can move on to the next level of their reading range. During these lessons, students can also read aloud with their teacher and the librarian. 

Students can access the library with a library pass that can be applied for through their English teacher. Each year group has a designated timetable of when they can access the library and explore everything it has to offer. This ensures all students have the opportunity to read for pleasure at school, as they can use their break and lunch times to do this. The library is also open every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15pm to 4:15pm for Homework Club, giving all students access to a quiet space, computers, and support. 


We are always looking to develop our library so students, parents, carers and staff are welcome to make suggestions of authors and books. Our school librarian can explore options for sourcing book recommendations in the library, or simply point individuals towards similar books and stories that may interest them. 


Quizzes and Competitions 

Students are given the opportunity (voluntarily) to participate in library quizzes once every two weeks. These quizzes support students’ reading and research skills as they use the library’s resources to answer questions (heavily related to books and reading) and find out new information without using the internet. We also hold regular competitions as well as our annual celebration of World Book Day. 

Homework Club 

Homework Club is an opportunity given to all students across the school twice every week, on Tuesday and Thursday, 3.15pm-4.15pm. Homework club gives students the opportunity to use the library and its resources to complete work with support from the school librarian. Additionally, students may use this time to read, quiz and improve their Accelerated Reader, reading levels. This also gives students who may need extra support in reading for different subjects, the opportunity to access their homework if needed.  

Author of the Month 

Every month the school librarian chooses a new author to spotlight in school. Students receive information on these authors within tutor groups. Our aim is to inspire reading and extend knowledge. Students are exposed to a wide range of authors from different backgrounds and discover information about their life, works and achievements in literature. A corresponding display is updated in the library, giving students further information and inspiration! 

Promoting Further Independent Reading 

Sometimes students don’t quite find the book they are looking for in the library and may prefer to read a book from home. With this in mind, students or parents/carers can take a look at this website: 


This website allows parents/carers and students to check if a book is on the Accelerated Reader scheme. It also allows you to find out what level a book is and if corresponds to the student’s recommended reading level.  


Additionally, if parents or students ever want support in finding recommended books for their age a fantastic resource is:  


This website gives recommended reading lists for every year group if students are looking for inspiration for their next read! 

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