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Further Maths

Course Content

Core Pure content includes complex numbers, matrices, vectors, algebra, series, calculus, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions and differential equations.

Statistics Major involves sampling, bivariate data, chi-squared tests, continuous random variables, inference and simulation.

Mechanics Minor includes dimensional analysis, forces, work, energy and power, momentum and impulse and centre of mass.



There will be three examination papers, at the end of the course, to assess all the content:

Core Pure, a 2 hour 40 mins paper assessing pure mathematics. This is worth 50% of the total A Level.


Statistics Major, a 2 hour 15 mins paper assessing statistics content. This is worth 33% of the total A Level.


Mechanics Minor, a 1 hour 15 mins paper assessing mechanics content. This is worth 17% of the total A Level.

Progression into careers via:

Many universities consider Mathematics as one of the most valuable A Levels. It is a pre-requisite for some courses (Physics, ICT, Accountancy, Mathematics, Statistics), and if you are considering a career in the area of Mathematics, Further Maths at A Level would certainly be advantageous, and a pre-requisite for most universities. You will have the opportunity to develop decision making and problem solving skills, transferable to any career path you choose to follow.


Length of Course:

A Level: 2 years


Examination Board:


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