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Faith and Formation

At St Bede’s, there are many opportunities for pupils to explore their faith while also serving others through their witness of peer leadership in prayer, inspiring stewardship, matters of social justice and promoting service in the school and wider community.

With our school values at the fore, pupils are given the opportunity to develop into the people God intended them to be, helping them to grow in their relationship with Christ so that they can respond to God’s calling which is unique to them. The school’s motto, fortes in fide (Strong In Faith) encourages all members of the school community to grow spiritually and through this growth, work for the greater glory of God and the common good. This ‘work’ could include involvement in our Chaplaincy co-curricular programme which further enhances their personal formation.

Opportunities include:

• Youth SVP
• CAFOD Young Leaders
• Faith In Action
• Justice and Peace
• Sixth Form Chaplaincy
• Whole school charitable focus during Advent and Lent
• Year group fundraising
• Spirited Arts

Pupils who are candidates for Confirmation are supported through our strong partnership with clergy, parish and school-based catechists, who are members of the RE department. Our Sixth Form students take part in the Pope John Paul II Award, engaging in their parishes and with social justice issues. We also carry out acts of service in the local community, such as voluntary work and Christmas hampers for the elderly.

Faith and Formation

Faith and Formation
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