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Chaplaincy at St Bede's

The Chaplaincy at St Bede’s is a key part of fulfilling the school’s mission and is at the heart of the Catholic life of St Bede’s. Pupils and staff are generous with their time and talents and through their service, enhance the faith of our community.

Our School Chaplain is here to support staff, pupils, and their families to engage with the Catholic Life and Mission of the school and the wider community. The Chaplain works closely with the Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team, Year Leaders, Form Tutors, Student Support Team, Partnership Parishes and families to provide a support network adaptable to the needs of every individual. The Chaplain is a visible presence in the school community and is available to all its members, accepting people for who they are and making it safe for them to discern their life situation, their potential and their view of the future.

The Chaplaincy Team works to manage and co-ordinate charity fundraising awareness, events and service opportunities and engage and stimulate pupils’ development of their gifts and talents in both their local and global communities as they accept the invitation to live out their faith in words and actions.


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