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Mrs Meggeson – Year 6 and 7 Welfare and Development Manager

Mrs Meggeson will support pupils and parents throughout the transition process by organising and delivering the events and activities in the programme.  She works with all primary schools to gain a greater understanding of the needs of all pupils and thus ensure their transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Form Tutors

The role of your child’s Form Tutor is central to their development as they move up through the school.  Where possible, the Form Tutor will accompany the form group from Year 7 to Year 11. They are responsible for monitoring and supporting the academic progress and pastoral care of all members of the form group.

Form Tutors see their students every morning.  They lead prayers, take registers, check uniform and equipment, ensure students are ready to learn and are well prepared to start their day.  Form Tutors plan and deliver weekly PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) and support the charitable work of the form group.

Year 7 Progress and Development Leader

Your child’s Head of Year will support them as they progress through St. Bede’s.  They will work with Year 7 Form Tutors to keep track of students’ welfare, punctuality, attendance and uniform.  They will be responsible for monitoring students’ academic achievements and implementing any strategies needed for improvement where necessary.

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