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Women Into Engineering Event

A small group of Year 7 and 8 girls were invited to attended the Women into Engineering Event at New College Durham to celebrate this internationally recognised day in June. Students were engaged in a number of activities.

  • A Tour of the Institute of Technology- which included a visit to the Mechanical Engineering & Civil Engineering departments. Students had a chance to try out the 3D BIM (Building information modelling) studio

  • A practical session about developing pneumatic systems- In teams students had an opportunity to design, build and try out a system that could be used to open a sliding door

  • A visit to activity stalls for engineering /manufacturing companies, Ford Aerospece, Jacobs and Tridonic - Students tried a variety of activities to understand the companies functions, product range and sectors. We have made some fantastic employer links to support other year groups too.

  • A team building exercise which used paper chain building to help students plan and execute a project management activity to produce the longest paper chain in a set-time

Once again, our students were fully engaged, polite and courteous to our hosts, visiting employers and other schools.

We hope they are inspired to find out more about this industry and possible roles in the future.

Well done!


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