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Poetry by Heart 2023

During February, all year 7s learnt a poem of their choice off by heart and recited it in front of their English class – and the teachers were very impressed by the effort and skill of our students. Teachers had the difficult task of choosing two students from each class to go through to the final – these students would have to recite their poem in front of parents, as well as teachers and the school librarian Mrs Jiju. In the end, eight students took part in the final, which took place on Wednesday 17th May in the school Library. Competition was fierce, as each student had memorised a challenging and entertaining poem, and they all delivered their chosen piece very successfully. Some poems were humorous and had actions, others were more serious and thoughtful, but all were brilliant. In the end, Mrs Jiju and Miss Quincey felt that two students deserved the first and second places – one due to the complexity of her poem, and one because she was fluent with both words and actions. All the students involved did a fantastic job and all thoroughly deserved their badge and bookmark to say well done.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about Poetry by Heart, the website our students used to choose their poems, the address is


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