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Options & Beyond event at Durham University

Well done to the 13, Year 9 students who attended an Options & Beyond event at Durham University They had presentations on the following topics.

  • Durham university - Who are We?/Why am I here Today?

  • Choosing GCSE Options/ Understanding where GCSE’s fit into the Learner Journey/Why GCSE’s Are Important.

  • University Sports & Societies/ Game of Student Life Students also took part in 4 lectures.

  • History – Become A Historical Detective

  • Economic Geography-Where Does Our Food Really Come From?

  • Psychology Workshop-Reactions

  • Theology-So You think You Have Human Rights?

Student Feedback

I enjoyed today because it was,

  • varied,

  • different,

  • in a grown-up setting.

  • It connected History with today.

One-word summaries

  • Fantastic

  • Enjoyable

  • Educational

  • Informative

  • Creative


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