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Year 11 Easter Revision (Updated 4th April)

Dear Parent/Carer

Year 11 Easter Revision

This is a very important period in your child’s school career and we will continue to do everything we can to support them in their studies so that they enjoy learning and achieve the best possible outcomes.

This is an important time with preparations for the GCSE examinations in May and June. As such, I would like to make you aware of the enclosed timetable of revision sessions that staff members are putting on to support Year 11 over the Easter holidays in various subjects. Staff have already made students aware of Easter revision dates and times, during their recent lessons. Students have had the opportunity to prepare revision timetables with their form tutors in a paper or electronic format. I would ask for your support during this important time to encourage effective revision at home over the Easter break to revisit previous learning from Years 9-11.

I am confident that close partnership between staff and parents will support your child in receiving an excellent education here at St Bede’s resulting in positive outcomes and successful progression.

Yours sincerely

Miss Laura Mather

Assistant Headteacher

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