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Congratulations Emily!

Police Interceptors - BRAKE Charity

Congratulations to Emily Cowling for submitting the winning entry into the Road Safety Comic Strip competition. Emily was presented with the grand prize of a 64GB iPad Air, awarded to her by a traffic officer who also has a starring role in the latest series of Channel 5's, Police Interceptors.

The Police said of Emily’s entry ‘We liked the way the story was conveyed simply and effectively. The use of speech and thought bubbles helped with this. The road safety message was very clear and we didn’t need to read the notes on the back to understand the story – the pictures said it all. We also liked the way Emily had made both people at fault – this is often the case at road accidents as we all have a part to play in keeping safe. Emily had also followed the instructions about putting the action, consequences and alternative outcomes in the right boxes. The comic style art work was noteworthy. We did say that you didn’t have to be a good artist to win the competition and Emily would have scooped the top prize anyway – but we were all impressed with her skills!’ We really enjoyed looking through the many, many entries everyone had worked so hard on. Creating comic strips is a different way of telling a story and the pupils clearly focused in on the causes and consequences of road accidents. There were a few fantastic ideas that have inspired us to think about how we engage with pupils of this age range. We may even take some of them forward in future.

Congratulations, Emily!

The winning entry

Emily Cowling - Police Interceptors

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