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Healthy Eating Leaderboard

Healthy Eating Leaderboard

Earn Healthy Eating points while you choose what to eat this term.

• Win £5 shopping vouchers each for highest male and female students in each year group who have collected the most points for each term.

• Bonus reward of £50 vouchers for top boy and girl in the school for year end.

• Eating healthy and making healthier choices in your school lunch will benefit you.

This weeks points leader board W/C Monday 15/07/2019

Choose Healthy and go for your five a day!

•Poppy Stewart-Piercy Year 10 4240 Points

•Lucy Moore Year 9 4020 Points

•Mia Buxton Year 10 3760 Points

•Emily Walsh Year 7 3545 Points

•Josephine Liddle Year 11 3220 Points

•Holly Crighton Year 10 3100 Points

•Holly Goldsmith Year 9 3025 Points

•Ben Moore Year 11 2990 Points

•Niamh Hilditch Year 10 2960 Points

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