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Spiritual & Moral Development

Our school has a mission to make Christ known to our pupils and through them to the world. 

This is accomplished in 3 principal ways:

  • in the content of faith learned in Religious Education lessons;

  • through the life of faith experience in the routines of shared prayer and worship;

  • by the example of those acts of faith which make the Gospel a living reality in each of our school communities.

Living Faith and Values

As a Catholic community St. Bede’s offers many opportunities to participate in a vibrant and dynamic spiritual life. The Gospel Values of Jesus Christ are not only taught but experienced through the work we do and the quality of relationships with others. The Catholic ethos of the school enables every member of our community to grow fully and to know their own unique value and worth.

We are very fortunate to have our own well-appointed Chapel and to have a full time Chaplain, who works in partnership with staff, guiding and supporting students through their journeys of faith and academic learning. Prayer, faith and worship are essential elements of all school life. Each morning our school day begins with a prayer, be it in morning registration or a year group assembly. As our school day draws to a close a moment of prayer and reflection takes place in each lesson.

We are blessed with great support from our Deanery Priests and each Friday lunchtime Mass is celebrated in our Chapel.

The care and support of students is central to the Catholic ethos of St. Bede’s. Students form positive relationships with their subject teachers and their Form Tutors who, wherever possible, remains with them as they progress through the school. The staff work tirelessly to ensure the needs of all students are understood and met; the pastoral support and guidance the students receive at St. Bede’s is outstanding.

St Bede’s School Prayer


Lord, I place myself and my day into your hands.

Help me to remember, in each moment of today,

that I belong to a community that shows compassion, seeks justice and offers hope.

I believe that my choices are my responsibility and I must be accountable for my thoughts,

words and actions.

I belong to a community that offers love, kindness and friendship to all people.

I believe that every person is my neighbour

and I will stand in solidarity with people of all religions and no religion.

I belong to a community that celebrates me and the gifts and talents I have been given.

I believe that by using my gifts and talents, I can strive for excellence in all that I do and inspire others along the way.

I belong to a community that is inclusive and has Christ at the heart of all that we do and say.

I believe that it is my mission to make Christ known to others.

I belong to a community of faith, hope and love.

I belong to St. Bede’s

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