Course Content:

Students are required to work in one or more area(s) of Photography, such as those listed below. They may explore overlapping areas and combinations of areas:

  • portraiture

  • landscape photography (working from the urban, rural and/or coastal environment)

  • still life photography (working from objects or from the natural world)

  • documentary photography, photojournalism

  • fashion photography

  • experimental imagery

  • multimedia

  • photographic installation

  • moving image (video, film, animation).


A Level Units:


Component 1: Personal Investigation

This is a practical investigation supported by written material. Students are required to conduct a practical investigation, into an idea, issue, concept or theme, supported by written material. The focus of the investigation must be identified independently by the student and must lead to a finished outcome or a series of related finished outcomes.


Component 2: Externally Set assignment

A question paper will consist of a choice of eight questions to be used as starting points. Students are required to select one. Students will be provided with examination papers on 1 February, or as soon as possible after that date.

Students produce work which provides evidence of their ability to work independently within specified time constraints, developing a personal and meaningful response which addresses all the assessment objectives and leads to a finished outcome or a series of related finished outcomes within 15 hours supervised time.



A Level – Two Years


Component 1- Personal investigation


What is assessed: Personal Investigation

No time limit


60% of A- Level


Component 2- Externally set Assignment


What is assessed: Response to an externally set assignment

Preparatory period + 15 hours supervised time


40% of A-Level


Progression into careers via:

The course directly supports progression to further and higher education in Photography and related subjects, as well as providing all students with a rich platform to inspire a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of Photography.


Length of Course:

2 years


Examination Board:


Periods Per Week:

5 x 1 hour lessons

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