Religious Studies

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Religious Studies (Philosophy, Ethics and Religion)

Course Content

Three Components each comprising four themes:  

Component 1: A Study of Christianity - Religious figures; Sacred texts; Concepts and life; Social and historical developments in thought and practices.


Component 2: Philosophy of Religion - Arguments for the existence of God; Challenges to religious belief; Problem of evil; Belief as a product of the human mind; Religious experience and religious language.


Component 3: Religion and Ethics - Ethical thought; Deontological ethics; Teleological ethics, Determinism and free will.


Assessments – Three written exam papers.

Paper 1: A Study of Christianity - Written exam lasting 2 hours.
Paper 2: Philosophy of Religion - Written exam lasting 2 hours.

Paper 3: Religion and Ethics - Written exam lasting 2 hours.


Each paper has two sections:

Section A: Answer ONE question from a choice of TWO in this section. Part A worth 20 marks and Part B worth 30 marks.

Section B: Answer ONE question from a choice of THREE in this section. Part A is worth 20 marks and B is worth 30 marks.  

Progression into careers via:

This course is particularly useful for progression into careers in Law, Journalism, Teaching, Social Work and careers related to English, History, Arts, Humanities and Social Science degrees.


Length of Course:

A Level: 2 years


Examination Board:


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